Storichain(TORI) will launch IEO with ProBit Exchange



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  • riqelme5

    The project Storichain brings forward the idea of implementing blockchain technology in a field other than development and management. By using the versatile characteristics of blockchain, this project aims at solving the existing problems of the story industry. Storichain will ensure that it systematically measures the contributions made towards a story in a manner that the system records who, when and how of the contribution. It will prove the value of the creators’ efforts by analyzing each creators’ contributions to the story in the case of collaborations. This data is defined as the “Activity Metrics” and will be used to distribute the profits generated by the story. This data can not be altered as it will exist on blockchain. Implementing blockchain technology saves costs and time for story writers and contributors, removes the need for a third party interference and also ensures honest reward and profit distribution.

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